Mid-Century Chest-on-Chest – $260

chest-on-chest-white-furniture-co-october-2016-a chest-on-chest-white-furniture-co-october-2016-b chest-on-chest-white-furniture-co-october-2016-c chest-on-chest-white-furniture-co-october-2016-d chest-on-chest-white-furniture-co-october-2016-e

Nicely redone mid-century/vintage chest by the White Furniture Company. Top section features doors – open up to reveal lots of storage space with a drawer at the top and 3 cubbies. 3 dovetailed drawers below for more storage. Lots of room for all your jeans, sweaters, socks, etc. This great piece has been sanded, primed and painted in a soft-white. Interior section behind doors painted in a soft-grey. Approximate dimensions 44″ wide x 20″ deep x 48″ tall.

Stunning Vintage Armoire – $295

armoire-fancy-october-2016-a armoire-fancy-october-2016-b armoire-fancy-october-2016-b2 armoire-fancy-october-2016-d armoire-fancy-october-2016-e armoire-fancy-october-2016-f armoire-fancy-october-2016-g armoire-fancy-october-2016-h armoire-fancy-october-2016-j

Stunning vintage bedroom armoire. Circa 1930s, this wonderful piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a soft-white. Storage galore – 2 full-length clothes-hanging closets – one at each end. 2 drawers at the bottom. Mirrored door at the top with another drawer underneath. Drop-down desk/writing are with LOTS of storage cubbies and another small drawer behind it. Gorgeous glass pulls have been added for a beautiful look. Perfect piece for a girl’s or ladies bedroom. Approximate dimensions 40″ wide x 20″ deep x 69″ tall.

Unique Coffee Table by Lexington – $225

coffee-table-lexington-october-2016-a coffee-table-lexington-october-2016-b coffee-table-lexington-october-2016-c coffee-table-lexington-october-2016-d coffee-table-lexington-october-2016-e coffee-table-lexington-october-2016-f

High-quality coffee table by Lexington (know for the high-end furniture). This wonderful piece has had the top and “frame” painted in a top-rated soft-white. 2 dovetailed-joint drawers in a “map-like” configuration – the pull out from either side. This is similar in design to old chart or map tables/desk. The drawer-fronts have been left with their deep, rich mahogany color. Original pulls painted in a soft-white. Great addition to any TV/family room or den/office. Approximate dimensions 39″ x 39″ x 16 3/4″ tall.

Unique Mudroom-Chest/Media Center – $295

media-center-34-october-2016-a media-center-34-october-2016-b media-center-34-october-2016-c media-center-34-october-2016-d media-center-34-october-2016-e

Repurposed chest – would make a great media center. This unique piece has been sanded, primed and painted in a combination of white and grey. Open space at the top for your Cable Box, etc. 2 doors with metal screens below with 9 cubbies (in grey) for storage – great for DVDs, games, misc. 2 dovetailed-joint drawers at the bottom with grey painted fronts. Bottom drawer has dividers splitting the space up into 3 sections. Overall shabby-chic look – perfect for the TV room/den, or kids’ playroom. Also would be a great addition to a hall/mudroom – cubbies could hold scarves, boots, hats, etc. Dimensions coming soon.

Stunning High-Boy – $475

high-boy-grey-october-2016-1a high-boy-grey-october-2016-a high-boy-grey-october-2016-b high-boy-grey-october-2016-c high-boy-grey-october-2016-d

Absolutely stunning high-boy/chest. Solid-wood construction throughout. A total of 12 dovetailed-joint drawers that all slide smoothly. This wonderful piece has been sanded, primed and painted in a soft-grey. Comes apart in 3 separate pieces – bottom section with Queen Anne legs has 3 drawers. Main section has 9 drawers and then a Chippendale-style topper. Original Chippendale pulls have been painted in a silver.¬†Approximate dimensions 38″ wide x 21″ deep x 85 1/2″ tall.

Vintage Sideboard in Soft-Grey – $325

sideboard-long-grey-october-2016-1a sideboard-long-grey-october-2016-2a sideboard-long-grey-october-2016-a sideboard-long-grey-october-2016-b sideboard-long-grey-october-2016-c sideboard-long-grey-october-2016-d

Gorgeous sideboard in a soft-grey. Raised panel doors, lots of storage space behind. Double doors in the middle open up to 2 drawers with additional storage beneath. 2 end doors open up to an adjustable shelf. Carved details about doors and at front corners. Original pulls have been painted in a soft-silver. Great for the country-cottage look, or even in a formal dining room.¬†Approximate dimensions 76 1/2″ wide/long x 19″ deep x 32″ tall.

Awesome Table in Stunning Blue – $250

hall-table-blue-october-2016-a hall-table-blue-october-2016-b hall-table-blue-october-2016-c hall-table-blue-october-2016-d

Awesome table in a stunning blue. Perfect as a changing table, or use it as a TV/Entertainment station. Great kids room piece. Swivel top drawers for baby items or remotes, etc. 2 larger drawers underneath, as well as a door to the right with removable shelf – LOTS of storage space. New pulls painted in silver. Well-made, heavy-duty piece, built to last. Approximate dimensions 53″ wide x 20″ deep x 32″ tall.

Stunning Vintage Sideboard – $335

sideboard-ornate-october-2016-1a sideboard-ornate-october-2016-a sideboard-ornate-october-2016-b sideboard-ornate-october-2016-c sideboard-ornate-october-2016-d sideboard-ornate-october-2016-e sideboard-ornate-october-2016-f sideboard-ornate-october-2016-g sideboard-ornate-october-2016-h

Absolutely stunning vintage sideboard. Solid wood construction throughout. Incredibly detailed carved legs. 3 dovetailed-joint drawers across the top. Doors at each end. Working locks with the key. This wonderful piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a top-rated soft-white. Original pulls painted in soft, hammered silver. Great as a sideboard in a formal dining room, or use it as a country-cottage piece in the TV room as an entertainment center. Approximate dimensions 73″ long x 20″ deep x 39″ tall.

Antique Oak Side-by-Side – $275

side-by-side-oak-september-2016-a side-by-side-oak-september-2016-b side-by-side-oak-september-2016-c side-by-side-oak-september-2016-d side-by-side-oak-september-2016-e

Nice, oak side-by-side/secretary desk/bookshelf. Nice overall condition. Rich, carved details throughout. Mirror in good shape, lots of little cubbies behind the drop down writing area for all of your paperwork, pens and pencils, etc. Dimensions available upon request. Could possibly paint this in your choice of color with a deposit.