Vintage 5-Drawer Chest – $295

chest-5-drawer-vintage-37-december-2016-a chest-5-drawer-vintage-37-december-2016-b chest-5-drawer-vintage-37-december-2016-c chest-5-drawer-vintage-37-december-2016-d chest-5-drawer-vintage-37-december-2016-e chest-5-drawer-vintage-37-december-2016-f chest-5-drawer-vintage-37-december-2016-g chest-5-drawer-vintage-37-december-2016-h chest-5-drawer-vintage-37-december-2016-j

Nicely done, vintage chest by Huntley Furniture of NC. Circa 1940’s, this beautiful (mahogany?) piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a soft-white. Medallions at the top corners of the carved columns, with a unique “jutting” top drawer. All drawers are dovetailed-joint and slide smoothly. Hepplewhite or Dixie-style pulls have been painted in a soft, hammered silver. Great solid piece – built to last. Approximate dimensions 33 3/4″ wide x 19 1/2″ deep x 52″ tall.


Geometric Mid-Century-Modern Dresser – $295

dresser-mid-century-modern-geometric-december-2016-a dresser-mid-century-modern-geometric-december-2016-b dresser-mid-century-modern-geometric-december-2016-c dresser-mid-century-modern-geometric-december-2016-d chest-mid-century-modern-geometric-drawers-december-2016-a chest-mid-century-modern-geometric-drawers-december-2016-b

Unique and unusual mid-century-modern dresser. Sleek and streamlined look with geometric-shaped drawers and doors without pulls (open them along the edges with your fingers). This wonderful piece has a door at each end, with 3 dovetailed-joint drawers behind each. 3 wide dovetailed-joint drawers in the middle – all roomy for all your jeans, sweater, etc. This beautiful vintage piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a soft-white. Approximate dimensions 70 1/2″ wide x 20″ deep x 30″ tall.


Mid-Century-Modern Chest – $300

chest-mid-century-modern-geometric-drawers-december-2016-a chest-mid-century-modern-geometric-drawers-december-2016-b chest-mid-century-modern-geometric-drawers-december-2016-c chest-mid-century-modern-geometric-drawers-december-2016-d

Unique, vintage/mid-century chest on chest. Unusual, “geometric” drawer fronts with no pulls (open up by grabbing recessed edges on each side). This wonderful, solid-wood piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a top-rated soft-white. 5 dovetailed-joint drawers in a 2-over-3 layout. Nice and deep with lots of room for all your jeans, sweaters, etc. Approximate overall dimensions 40″ wide x 19 3/4″ deep x 47″ tall.


Awesome Bedroom Armoire for Girl – $350

armoire-pink-november-2016-a armoire-pink-november-2016-b armoire-pink-november-2016-c armoire-pink-november-2016-d armoire-pink-november-2016-e armoire-pink-november-2016-f armoire-pink-november-2016-g armoire-pink-november-2016-h armoire-pink-november-2016-j armoire-pink-november-2016-k armoire-pink-november-2016-m armoire-pink-november-2016-n armoire-pink-november-2016-p desk-pink-white-drop-down-august-2016-a2 desk-pink-white-drop-down-august-2016-a3

Wonderful, hand-painted vintage bedroom armoire. This unique piece has been redone with beautiful custom paint-work. The entire piece has been sanded, primed and then painted: the outside “frame”, sides and top doors in a soft-white, the 4 dovetailed-joint drawers in increasingly darker shades of pink. Doors on each side in the same shade of pink as the bottom drawer, with accent appliques and hardware added throughout. Original hardware on these extra-deep drawers – LOTS of room for all your jeans, sweaters, etc. Hanging rods behind each door for dresses, etc. And jewelry/scarf hooks have been added to the inside of each door for all your necklaces, etc. Plus original casters/wheels. Unique, vintage piece that would be perfect in a girl/tween/lady’s bedroom. Would make a great holiday gift. Approximate dimensions 40″ wide x 22″ deep x 56 1/2″ tall.
Also have a pink/white drop-down desk that could go with this.

Small Vintage Server/Sideboard – $200

server-small-white-november-2016-a server-small-white-november-2016-b server-small-white-november-2016-c server-small-white-november-2016-d server-small-white-november-2016-e server-small-white-november-2016-f server-small-white-november-2016-g server-small-white-november-2016-h

Small, vintage, solid-wood server/sideboard. Great as a country-cottage kitchen piece, or use it as a TV stand/entertainment center. This great piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a top-rated soft-white. 1 wide, dovetailed-joint drawer. 2 doors below open up to a large storage space painted in a contrasting light grey. Original Dixie-style pulls have been painted in a soft, hammered silver. Approximate dimensions 36″ wide x 18″ deep x 34 1/2″ tall. Could also be converted to a great bathroom vanity.

Jacobean-Style Dining Chairs (also have table for $300) – $300

chairs-jacobean-november-2016-a chairs-jacobean-november-2016-b chairs-jacobean-november-2016-c chairs-jacobean-november-2016-d chairs-jacobean-november-2016-e jacobean-table-and-chairs-a

Very nice condition Jacobean-style dining chairs. Upholstery in great condition. These 5 solid-wood, vintage/antique chairs (1 captain’s, 4 side) are all sturdy. Intricate, carved details throughout, with the classic bulbous, turned legs. 6 similar chairs on eBay can currently be found on eBay for $995.

Also have a matching table ($300) with pull-out leaves. Has a bit of a farmhouse table look to it, but with the intricate carved Jacobean style legs. Might leave the top unpainted/natural, with the legs painted in a matching white.

Serpentine/Bow-Front Chest-on-Chest – $335

chest-on-chest-serpentine-front-november-2016-a chest-on-chest-serpentine-front-november-2016-b chest-on-chest-serpentine-front-november-2016-c chest-on-chest-serpentine-front-november-2016-d chest-on-chest-serpentine-front-november-2016-e

Nicely done, vintage serpentine-front chest-on-chest. 2 serpentine over 5 bow-front, dovetailed-joint drawers. Lots of storage space for all your jeans, sweaters, socks, etc. Beautiful, classic lines and style. This wonderful piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a soft-white. Original Dixie-style pulls painted in a soft, hammered silver. Approximate dimensions 35″ wide x 23″ deep x 53″ tall.