Vintage Two-Toned End Tables – $120 EACH

end-table-2-toned-december-2016-b end-table-2-toned-december-2016-a1 end-table-2-toned-december-2016-c end-table-2-toned-december-2016-d end-table-2-toned-december-2016-e end-table-2-toned-december-2016-f end-table-2-toned-december-2016-g

***** $120 EACH *****

Pair of vintage, circa 1940s end tables by Big Rapids Furniture Company of New York. These wonderful, curved-front nightstands have been sanded, primed and then painted in a soft-white and soft-tan. 1 dovetailed drawer with 1 door below. Hepplewhite-style pulls in a shabby-chic white on each. Approximate dimensions 16″ wide x 14″ deep x 27″ tall.


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