Ethan Allen Legacy Coffee Table – $175

cofffee-table-ethan-allen-grey-january-2017-a cofffee-table-ethan-allen-grey-january-2017-b cofffee-table-ethan-allen-grey-january-2017-c cofffee-table-ethan-allen-grey-january-2017-d cofffee-table-ethan-allen-grey-january-2017-e cofffee-table-ethan-allen-grey-january-2017-f cofffee-table-ethan-allen-grey-january-2017-g

Exquisite vintage Ethan Allen Legacy coffee table. Similar items on eBay for up to $999. This unique classic piece has 4 triangular pieces of beveled glass at the corners and a large diamond-shaped beveled piece of glass in the center. These can be removed for easier transportation. Has been primed and the painted in a top-rated GREY paint (looks somewhat purple in the photos but GREY in-person). Carved details along the wood edges have been highlighted in a copper/bronze patina. Approximate dimensions 49″ wide x 38″ long x 17″ high.


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