Vintage Sideboard/Server – $185

Nice, solid-wood (maple?), vintage sideboard/server. Wide single (faux triple drawer) drawer at the top, 2 raised-panel doors beneath. Beautiful country/cottage look, this beautiful piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a soft-white. Great in the kitchen or dining room, or would make the perfect TV/entertainment stand – just waiting for a flat-screen TV to be placed on the top. Approximate dimensions 42″ wide x 18″ deep x 33″ tall.


Vintage Multi-Use Chest – $265

Very nice solid-wood vintage chest. This wonderful piece could be used as a server/bar, with it’s mirrored top section with shelf. Could also be used as a bedroom chest – using the mirror as a make-up vanity. 5 dovetailed-joint drawers offer lots of storage space. The 2nd drawer down has dividers creating 5 sections – use it for either socks, etc. or kitchen gadgets if you put this piece in the kitchen/dining area. Easy to move – it’s on wheels/casters. This great, versatile piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a top-rated soft-white. Original pulls have been redone in a bright, metallic silver. Approximate dimensions 30″ wide x 16″ deep x 55″ tall.

Elegant Vintage Hutch – $220

hutch-lace-window-january-2017-a hutch-lace-window-january-2017-b hutch-lace-window-january-2017-c hutch-lace-window-january-2017-e hutch-lace-window-january-2017-f hutch-lace-window-january-2017-g hutch-lace-window-january-2017-h

Simply beautiful, vintage hutch. This wonderful piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a very soft-grey. The door has been lined with lace material instead of the standard glass (although glass could easily be put in). The bottom dovetailed-joint drawer has been given a stencil using the same lace for a unique and intriguing look. Classic pulls have been painted in a soft, hammered silver. 3 shelves with groves to hold plates, but would also make a great linen closet for towels, etc. Approximate overall dimensions 41 1/2″ wide x 16″ deep x 47″ tall.

Vintage China Hutch – $260

hutch-italian-january-2017-a hutch-italian-january-2017-b hutch-italian-january-2017-c hutch-italian-january-2017-d hutch-italian-january-2017-e hutch-italian-january-2017-f hutch-italian-january-2017-g

Very nice and unusual vintage hutch. Greek or Italian-look and feel with faux marble columns and paintings/stenciling. Metal-lined door opens up to 3 glass shelves plus bottom shelf. Plenty of room for your china, books etc. 4 doors below that open for additional storage. Great look for a formal dining room or study. Approximate dimensions 50″ wide x 18″ deep x 78″ high.

Vintage Sideboard with Shelf – $150

sideboard-with-shelf-october-2016-a sideboard-with-shelf-october-2016-a2 sideboard-with-shelf-october-2016-b sideboard-with-shelf-october-2016-c sideboard-with-shelf-october-2016-d sideboard-with-shelf-october-2016-e sideboard-with-shelf-october-2016-f sideboard-with-shelf-october-2016-g

Nice, solid-wood vintage sideboard. Would make a great TV stand. 2 drawers for storage and a shelf underneath for your cable or satellite box. “Backsplash” adds to the beautiful look. This wonderful piece has been sanded, primed and painted in a soft-white. Original drawer pulls that have been painted in a soft-silver. Old-school casters/wheels. Use in the TV room/den or as a country-cottage sideboard in the kitchen. Approximate dimensions 42″ wide x 18″ deep x 36″ tall.

Stunning Vintage Sideboard – $295

sideboard-ornate-october-2016-1a sideboard-ornate-october-2016-a sideboard-ornate-october-2016-b sideboard-ornate-october-2016-c sideboard-ornate-october-2016-d sideboard-ornate-october-2016-e sideboard-ornate-october-2016-f sideboard-ornate-october-2016-g sideboard-ornate-october-2016-h

Absolutely stunning vintage sideboard. Solid wood construction throughout. Incredibly detailed carved legs. 3 dovetailed-joint drawers across the top. Doors at each end. Working locks with the key. This wonderful piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a top-rated soft-white. Original pulls painted in soft, hammered silver. Great as a sideboard in a formal dining room, or use it as a country-cottage piece in the TV room as an entertainment center. Approximate dimensions 73″ long x 20″ deep x 39″ tall.

Vintage Sideboard in White and Silver – $225

sideboard-white-and-silver-september-2016-a sideboard-white-and-silver-september-2016-b sideboard-white-and-silver-september-2016-c sideboard-white-and-silver-september-2016-d sideboard-white-and-silver-september-2016-e sideboard-white-and-silver-september-2016-f sideboard-white-and-silver-september-2016-g

Simply awesome vintage sideboard with a bit of a twist. This solid-wood, wonderful piece has been sanded, primed and then painted in a top-rated soft-white paint. Door and drawer fronts have received a coat of hammered silver. Same silver paint has been applied to the bottom of the legs. Dovetailed joint construction, original hardware. Also – have the KEY to the doors. This piece was originally built sometime before 1953 when the fine furniture maker Robert W. Irwin Company of Grand Rapids MI went out of business. Approximate dimensions 54″ wide x 20″ deep x 35″ tall.