We sometimes offer delivery for an additional fee, dependent upon several different factors, including distance, cost of items being purchased (usually a $250 minimum), curb-side vs. upstairs, etc.  We also typically ask for a deposit prior to making a delivery, to cover our time and gas.

Please contact us for details.


We cannot hold or “promise” an item without a deposit. The amount of the deposit is typically 25%, and is non-refundable. We also cannot hold items beyond 7 days, unless there is an agreement in writing. Customers who have provided a deposit or have paid in-full, but have not picked up items within the 7 days will be charged a $25/day storage fee. Once the storage fee has exceeded the price of the item, the customer will lose any deposit put towards it and it will be re-listed for sale. All sales are final.

We currently can accept major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, etc. PayPal also accepted, if funds are readily available in your account (no e-checks).


All items are sold as-is. Please be sure to look your items over prior to purchasing.

If you think you might purchase one of our fine pieces of furniture, please remember to bring plenty of blankets, tie-downs or rope, bungee cords, etc. Thanks.


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