TV/Entertainment Stand – $175

Nice open-concept TV/Entertainment center. Lots of shelves for your cable/sattelite box, DVD player, game console etc., plus more room for your games/DVDs, etc. This piece has been sanded, primed and painted in a soft-white. Great place to place your flat-screen TV on, holes in the back to feed your cables and cords through. Approximate dimensions 47″ wide x 23″ deep x 31″ tall.


Tall Wood Bookshelf (Have Two) – $200 Each

Nice wood corner bookshelf (bookshelves). 5 shelves (not adjustable) plus carved detailes along top and bottom. One shown in white – the other one is to be painted. Light in the top section to illuminate your treasured pieces, collectibles, etc. Items shown on the shelves are NOT included. Approximate dimensions 23″ wide x 73″ tall. 14 1/2″ to 17 1/2″ between shelves.

Bench w/Storage (Made from Dresser) – $195

Unique bench made from repurposed vintage dresser. This beautiful piece was a dresser in a previous life. Has been sanded, primed and then painted in a soft-white. Decorative trim added along edges with carved appliques at the corners. Deep, dovetailed drawer under provides a great storage space for hats, gloves, etc. Approximate dimensions 48″ wide x 21″ deep x 28″ tall.

Wicked Awesome Bench – $225


Simply awesome bench. Tons of intricate, carved detail. Vintage twin bed repurposed into a bench. This beautiful piece has been painted white, and then pink stenciling and highlights done throughout. The curved footboard-now-side panels gives it an extra unique touch. Could be used in a playroom, bedroom, porch or hallway. Looks great and functional too. Dimensions available upon request (approximately 39″ wide).

Upholstered/Padded Hallway Bench with Drawers – $150

Very nicely repurposed piece (American of Martinsville). This beautiful work has had foam padding added to the top and upholstered. Below are 2 drawers for storage. And intricate raised stencil work added to the corners, along with detailed trim. Great piece for the hallway/mudroom, etc. Approximate dimensions 39″ wide x 19″ deep x 21″ tall.

Antique Shelving/Curio Cabinet – $299

Very tall, antique/vintage cabinet/shelving unit. This piece features a front glass door that runs almost the entire height. Old-school shelving inside that is adjustable – 4 shelves plus the bottom – so LOTS of room for all your collectibles, etc. Could also be used in a large bathroom to store all of your towels, etc. Unique ornate top, even have the key to lock this up. Approximate dimensions 33″ wide x 19″ deep x 80″ tall.

Bookcase/Shelving Unit – $110

Unique shelving unit/bookcase. This nicely redone piece has been sanded, primed and painted white. Raised-panel doors have had textured wallpaper applied and painted in a contrasting soft-grey. Opens up to reveal 3 shelves (top 2 are adjustable). Lots of storage space for books, supplies, towels, etc. Approximate dimensions 32″ wide x 12″ deep x 46″ tall.

Vintage/Antique Bookcase/Cabinet – $500/$750


$500 as-is without the shelves. $750 with 1/4″ thick glass shelves (3 shelves in each section).

This unique vintage/antique piece is now available. Sanded, primed and then painted in a “Winter Grey”, this one-of-a-kind find would make a great bookcase or curio cabinet. The 2 middle doors have slightly curved glass. Doors at each end feature wood accents. All the doors have keyholes – and there is a key to lock/unlock them! More glass at each end, with a mirrored back across the width. Adjustable shelf supports will hold multiple shelves. Buy it as-is ($500) and you decide how many shelves to put in, or we will supply the custom cut glass shelves (9 total shelves – 3 in each section) for $750 total. Perfect for your study or den. Display your books or collectibles. Approximate dimensions 68″ long/wide x 16″ deep x 57″ tall.